Bridging the Health Divide in Europe

Reducing inequalities and the impact of austerity measures on respiratory healthcare


This ERS Vision documentary was produced to help raise the awareness of inequality of healthcare across Europe, notably in respiratory medicine.  Bringing together experts from different organizations such as the European Respiratory Society, World Health Organisation, EuroHealthNet,  this video addresses important issues that are affecting respiratory healthcare in today’s difficult economic climate.

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You can make short-term savings… but later on you will the mortality starts to rise, the morbidity starts to rise, all the good work being undone

Andrew Bush

For randomized controlled trials, we have to ask the question : is the drug working? But for real-life evidence, we have to ask completely different questions such as “is the drug working for my patient that has his own history

Elisabeth Bel

If the correct device is chosen appropriately for the patient’s needs, then it comes down to whether the patient uses it appropriately.

Omar Usmani

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